what is ascorbyl glucoside

Ascorbyl Glucoside, commonly known in English as Ascorbyl Glucoside, also known as Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, the common name vitamin C glycoside, like MAP, is a derivative of vitamin C. Because of the instability of vitamin C, most of the vitamin C often occurs. It is in the form of a derivative.

CAS No:129499-78-1
Molecular formula:C12H18O11
Molecular weight:338.26472


Ascorbyl Glucoside for skin benefits

Ascorbate glucoside is commonly found in cosmetics, so what is the use in cosmetics? Ascorbate glucoside has a whitening effect, which is a whitening agent, commonly found in cosmetics and skin care products, I hope that through the description can let everyone know what this is. Many products will add some things to achieve the effect of whitening and moisturizing. Of course, I know the materials contained in them. Most of them think that they can buy them and do it themselves. This idea is too simple, and it is generally not recommended.
Ascorbyl glucoside (AA2G) is a relatively excellent VC derivative. It was first developed by Shiseido and Linyuan International in Japan to improve the cosmetic whitening effect. It is a drug that inhibits melanin. The AA2G structure is a hydroxyl group in which the ascorbic acid active site (hydroxyl group having reducing property) is substituted by a glucosyl group. Since the hydroxyl group at the active site in the VC molecule is shielded by glucose, AA2G is non-reducing and stable under VC under oxidizing conditions. . Experiments show that AA2G not only overcomes the shortcomings of VC being oxidatively unstable, but also has excellent stability in the presence of heat, oxygen and metal ions, and retains the normal activity of VC. This is manifested in:
1. inhibit the formation of melanin;
2. Reduction of the formed melanin (blemish);
3. Preventive effects of UV-induced skin damage (erythema and pigmentation);
4. inhibit lipid peroxidation (clearing oxygen free radicals) caused by ultraviolet radiation;
5. Whitening effect (antioxidation, inhibition of tyrosinase activity);
6. Maintain skin elasticity (promotes collagen synthesis);
7. Prevent skin inflammation and photoaging (clearing hydroxyl radicals).
For example ascorbyl glucoside cosmetics:
There are numerous products on the market that contain AA2G, such as Shiseido, Lancome, L’Oreal, Avon, Johnson & Johnson, DHC, KOSE, etc.

Ascorbyl glucoside side effects

Not stable enough, easy to oxidize, easily decomposed by light.

Ascorbyl glucoside characteristics and recommendations for use

Product characteristics: water-soluble white powder; water-soluble vitamin C derivative, can inhibit tyrosinase activity, reduce pigmentation; pH is neutral, stable; compared with VC and other VC derivatives, more resistant to light, heat, The interference of pH and metal ions is safer, more stable and less irritating.
Recommendations for use: Suitable for a variety of skin care products, such as whitening, anti-aging, sunscreen and blemish products; recommended dosage: 0.5-2.0%

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