Dichlorophenylphosphine description

Dichlorophenylphosphine, abbreviated as BPD, DCPP, also known as phosphine dichloride benzene, phenyl dichlorophosphine, dichlorophenyl phosphine, phenyl diphosphine phosphide (DCPP), dichlorophenylphosphine, colorless to room temperature Light yellow transparent liquid, with unpleasant odor, inhalation can cause a headache and nausea; easily soluble in organic solvents, easy to absorb moisture, react with water vapor in the air to smoke.

Dichlorophenylphosphine application

Phenyl dichloride is used as a plasticizer, flame retardant, pesticide intermediate, paint batch, the antifoaming agent, antioxidant, etc. The two chlorine atoms in the molecule are chemically active and can be mixed with alcohol, phenol, The aldehyde, amine and oxygen, sulfur, halogen react to prepare other organophosphorus compounds.

Phenyl dichloride (DCPP) is an important chemical intermediate that can be derived from a wide variety of chemical products and can be used as plasticizers, flame retardants, pesticide intermediates, paint batches, defoamers, antioxidants, Stabilizers, insecticides, catalysts and high-pressure lubricants, as well as paint forming agents, the two chlorine atoms in the molecule are chemically active, and can react with alcohols, phenols, aldehydes, amines and oxygen, sulfur, halogen to prepare other organic phosphorus. Compound. Mainly used in the synthesis of polymer materials, phenylphosphoryl dichloride (BPOD), reactive flame retardant 3-hydroxyphenyl phosphinopropionic acid (CEPPA). This product should be stored in a cool dry place, sealed and stored.

Phenyl dichloride HCA reactive halogen-free antioxidant flame retardant DOPO, as a phosphorus phenanthrene cyclic phosphate is an organophosphorus heterocyclic compound with high thermal stability, oxidation resistance and excellent water resistance It is a reactive and additive flame retardant. It is mainly used in polyester fiber, polyurethane foam, thermosetting resin and adhesive. Since the flame retardant has a phosphorus-carbon bond, the flame retardant performance is higher than that of general phosphoric acid. The ester is better. According to experts, HQ reactive halogen-free flame retardant is a new type of phosphorus-free environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant. It is mainly used for high-grade epoxy resin such as circuit board and can replace bromine-containing flame retardant (tetrabromobisphenol-A). It is used for packaging of semiconductor materials, printed circuit boards, LED lighting tubes, etc., for products that must meet ROHS requirements, intermediates for synthesizing reactive flame retardants, etc.