Beta-Alanine Quick Details

INCI Name: Beta-Alanine

CAS No.: 107-95-9

Molecular formula: C3H7NO2

Chemical structure:

EINECS No.: 203-536-5

MW: 89.09

Density: 1.437 g/cm3

Beta-Alanine Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance White crystal or crystalline powder
Purity 98.0-101.0%
pH 6.5-7.5
Loss on drying ≤0.2%
Transmittance ≥95.0%
Residue on ignition ≤0.2%
Heavy metal ≤10PPM
Chloride ≤0.02%
Iron salt ≤30PPM
Arsenic ≤ 1PPM
Sulfate ≤0.02%
Ammonium salt ≤0.02%

Beta-Alanine Application

Beta-Alanine is the basic unit of protein and one of the 20 amino acids that make up human proteins. It has a certain anti-oxidation effect, which can not be neglected in cell metabolism, promotion of collagen growth, anti-inflammatory, etc., and can be used as anti-wrinkle of skin.

Beta-Alanine Packaging and Shipping 

25kg fiber drum or according to customer requirements.

Beta-Alanine Storage

Be stored in cool,dry,and ventilated storage,free from heat or sunlight and free from toxic and harmful foods.Be protected with pall on delivery,keep free from rain moisture,toxic,and harmful goods.Shelf life:Two years.