Chloroacetonitrile Apppearance

Chloroacetonitrile Quick Details

Chemical Name: Chloroacetonitrile

CAS No.: 107-14-2

Molecular Fomula: C2H2ClN

Chemical Structure:203-467-0

Molecular weight: 75.5

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid


Chloroacetonitrile Typical Properties

product Chloroacetonitrile
CAS No. 107-14-2
Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid
Content 99.5%
Water 0.3%

Chloroacetonitrile Usage

1.Used as raw material for organic synthesis and analytical reagent.
2.Used as an intermediate in medicine
3.Used as an intermediate in pesticide and organic synthesis
4.Used in organic synthesis and as an analytical reagent.

Chloroacetonitrile Packaging and Shipping 

drum,25g;50g;25kg;200kg or as customer request.