TRICLOCARBAN TCC is a highly effective, broad-spectrum antibacterial agent with sustained, safe and stable sterilization characteristics and excellent compatibility with the skin It also has highly effective inhibitive effects on Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative, fungi, yeasts and viruses.

Application of triclocarban

TRICHLOROCARBAN (TCC) is added to washing powder to kill germs on clothes and eliminate odors caused by bacterial growth. It is added to antibacterial deodorizing soap and can be used by doctors, patients and food industry operators for hand washing and disinfection To reduce cross-infection, it is also beneficial to dispel human body peculiar smell, eliminate the odor of sweat, prevent and cure venereal diseases; to add in mouthwash and toothpaste, it has high antibacterial effect to oral pathogenic bacteria, and has no bad effect on the composition of natural bacteria in oral cavity Can Reduce Gum infection, eliminate HALITOSIS, remove dental plaque, no bad taste;

In the facial cleanser, clean cream, can kill the harmful bacteria that cause acne, make clean skin and prevent acne step by step; Add in Shampoo, can stop itching, dandruff.

TRICLOCARBAN (TCC) can also be used in antibacterial towels, cleaning tissue, trauma cream and other products. TRICHLOROCARBAN (TCC) bactericide has good adhesion to fibers and is suitable for addition to antibacterial and deodorizing finishing agents.

Acrylic fibers with bactericidal and antibacterial properties can be obtained from trichlorocarban (TCC) treated acrylic resin. The treated fiber can resist bacteria and fungi after dozens of washing, and is both safe and water-resistant. After being sprayed or impregnated with trichlorocarban-containing dispersions, the products have strong antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Quantity suggestion for Triclocarban (TCC) addition

Triclocarban is permitted at a concentration of 0.2% as a preservative for cosmetics and at a maximum concentration of 2% for washing-type active ingredients.

TRICLOCARBAN is recommended for use in concentrations of 0.2-1.0% depending on the type of product.


TRICLOCARBAN is less water soluble (less than 0.1%) and therefore requires a solvent for use in liquid formulations.

An anti-sediment agent may be required in the formulation, stability controlled by emulsification, and an anti-flocculant used to control the viscosity of the finished product

This will benefit triclosan TCC in bath lotions, shampoos and drug formulations.