Menthol is a chemical that can be found everywhere in life. It is stored in various products in daily life. For example, Toothpaste, perfume, drink, candy, essence, cosmetics, medicine and more.


Do you know menthol benefits and side effects?

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Menthol benefits

Menthol (flammable substance, smokeless when burned, difficult to dissolve in water) is saturated cyclic alcohol extracted from natural peppermint oil. It is used for skin or mucous membranes. It can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, relieve itching and promote blood circulation. It relieves edema and has the effect of cooling and relieving itching. Oral administration can be used as a wind-driving drug for headaches, inflammation of the nose, throat, and throat, and can treat colds and stomachs.

For example

Dispelling wind and clearing away heat

Mint has the effect of clearing heat and hurricane. Menthol is extracted from mint and inherits the properties and effects of mint. It has a cool taste and a good breeze, antipyretic and detoxifying effect. Oral administration can effectively treat colds caused by wind and heat, and can also relieve symptoms such as headaches and sore throat caused by colds.

Diminish inflammation and relieve itching

Menthol is used as a stimulant in medicine, acting on the skin or mucous membranes, and has a cooling and antipruritic effect. Because menthol contains a substance, tea naphthol, plus its rich mint and cool properties, the skin can be used to stimulate the skin’s mucous membranes. It has a very clear cooling sensation and a certain anti-inflammatory effect. Itching effect.

In daily life, many daily necessities such as toilet water, soap, toothpaste, etc., have a clear cooling sensation after being applied to the skin and can eliminate skin inflammation. After being bitten by mosquitoes, applying menthol water containing menthol can reduce the symptoms of redness and swelling.

Detumescence and relieving pain

Menthol also has a magical effect, which can selectively stimulate the skin’s skin and the cold sensory nerves of its mucous membranes, so that people can feel the cold reflex and the obvious cold feeling (actually the skin remains normal), causing the skin The contraction of blood vessels in the mucosa and deep tissues can also cause contraction of blood vessels in deep tissues. In turn, the local blood circulation is accelerated, and the skin is relieved of swelling and pain. Can play a certain role in swelling and pain relief.

Menthol can strengthen the aroma of food

Menthol can enhance the aroma of food and is therefore often used as a fragrance. For example, in candy (chewing gum), baked goods, such as mint gum, a mint-flavored cake, is made by adding menthol. The mint-flavored food has a cool taste and a rich aroma that soothes the nerves and refreshes the mind.

Menthol side effects

Menthol is a medicinal ingredient that is irritating. It can irritate the skin and can even cause poisoning. And those younger infants cannot use menthol, and the menthol cannot be in contact with the eyes.

For example

Irritating skin

There is also a large amount of peppermint oil in the menthol. This is a natural substance with a spicy taste and a certain irritating effect. If it is in direct contact with the skin, it will form a certain irritation to the skin, especially for allergic constitution. After the direct use of menthol, it usually causes redness or pain in the skin, which is also a common side effect of menthol.

Lead to poisoning

It has certain toxicity in menthol. When it is used as a medicine, the proper dosage for oral administration is 0.02-0.1 g. Excessive use can have paralytic side effects. In severe cases, it may cause poisoning, such as nausea and vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, etc., and even more serious, leading to paralysis of the respiratory tract and death.

When menthol is in contact with human skin and eyes, it can also cause severe irritation, leading to obvious symptoms of poisoning. For example, red eyes, pain, tears, etc. At this time, the poisoned person needs to be moved to a ventilated place and the necessary detoxification treatment is carried out. Moreover, you need to wear gloves or safety glasses when touching menthol in your life to avoid contact with the skin and eyes.

Infants and young children are prohibited from using menthol

It is important to note that infants and young children are prohibited from using menthol. Because menthol has a strong stimulating effect. Infants and young children are very vulnerable to the intestines and skin. If menthol is used, it is easy to cause irritation to its fragile skin or intestines. Therefore, infants and young children cannot use menthol, whether it is external or internal.