β-1,3 Glucan

β-1,3 Glucan Appearance

β-1,3 Glucan Quick Details

Chemical Name:β-1,3 Glucan

CAS No.: 1439905-58-4

β-1,3 Glucan Typical Properties

Items Standard Result
Appearance White or off-white powder,no smell confirm
Content % ≥90.0 90.9
Ph 5.5-7.5 6.5
Viscosity,cp ≥600 874
Moisture (%) ≤5.0 3.1
Ash (%) ≤5.0 4.1
protein ≤1.5 1.4
 Conclusion Qualified

β-1,3 Glucan Application

Due to its unique chemical structure and extensive biological activity, it will gradually replace products such as yeast dextran and oat dextran, and may develop products for other uses. We have developed β-1,3-glucan for its functions of enhancing immune function, improving skin’s multiple functions, assisting in lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, and improving gastrointestinal function in the cosmetics industry, food industry, animal husbandry and pharmaceutical industry. A wide range of applications and market prospects are available in many fields.

The project differs from the traditional method of extracting β-1,3-glucan from shiitake mushrooms, yeast, oats and barley. Our scientists have developed a new patented strain that produces a sucrose after fermentation. A novel structure of water-soluble β-glucan patented product with a stable purity of up to 92%.

Comparison of β-1,3-glucan with yeast β-glucan and oat β-glucan

Product name -1-1,3 glucan


yeast glucan Oat glucan
Water soluble


very good Insoluble




Color taste


Colorless and tasteless


Light yellow and tasteless



White tasteless








Acid-base thermal stability


good Alkali insoluble


Rheology Stable






-1-1,3 bond (activity)  75%  











Gastrointestinal function improvement


  very effective Not obvious


Not obvious


β-1,3 Glucan Packing

1kg per bag,25kg fiber drum

β-1,3 Glucan Storage

Be stored in cool, dry, and ventilated storage, free from heat or sunlight and free from toxic and harmful foods. Be protected with pall on delivery, keep free from rain moisture, toxic, and harmful goods.