3-Aminophenol hemisulfate Details

Chemical Name: 3-Aminophenol hemisulfate

CAS No.: 68239-81-6

Molecular Formula: C12H16N2O6S

Molecular Weight: 316.33

Appearance: White powder


3-Aminophenol hemisulfate Typical Properties

Item Result
Appearance off white powder
M.F (C6H7NO)2.H2SO4
HPLC 99% Min.
Moisture 1% Max.
Ash 1% Max.
Fe 40ppm Max.


3-Aminophenol hemisulfate Usage

Organic synthesis, dye intermediates, hair dye intermediates


3-Aminophenol hemisulfate Packaging and Shipping



3-Aminophenol hemisulfate Storage

Warehouse low temperature ventilation and drying