alpha tocopheryl acetate

Tocopheryl acetate Appearance

alpha tocopheryl acetate Quick Details

Chemical Name: alpha tocopheryl acetate

Another Name: Tocopheryl acetate,Vitamine E acetate

CAS No.: 7695-91-2

Molecular Fomula: C31H52O3

Molecular weight: 472.74

Properties: This product is a light yellow oily liquid. It is soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol and ether, and it is almost insoluble in water. It is easily oxidized when exposed to air.
Thermal stability: This product has a maximum withstand temperature of 90 ° C and the heating temperature should not be too high.

alpha tocopheryl acetate Specification

Appearance Slightly yellow, clear, viscous oil
Assay by G.C 98.0—102.0%
Identity Corresponds
Infrared spectrum Meets EP requirement
Option rotation -0.01°~ +0.01°
Density(20°C) 0.952—0.966g/ml
Refractive index(20°C) 1.494—1.498
Absorbance in ethanol:
At about 284nm (max) 42.0—45.0
At about 254nm (min) 7.5—9.0
Acidity Max.1.0ml of 0.1 N NaOH
Sulphated ashes No.0.1%
Heavy metals ≤10ppm
Lead ≤2ppm


Tocopheryl acetate uses

1. Tocopherol acetate has significant functions of anti-oxidation, eliminating free radicals in the body, preventing cancer and enhancing immunity. It is an indispensable vitamin in human life activities. However, since the six-hydroxyl group on the vitamin E chroman ring is easily oxidized to form the corresponding quinone which no longer has the biological activity of vitamin E. Vitamin E esterification can prevent the oxidation of vitamin E, improve the stability of vitamin E products, solve the problem of poor water solubility and increase its surface activity.

2. Vitamin E acetate is a derivative of vitamin E. It has good stability and can be widely used as a vitamin E substitute for medicine, food and cosmetics. Vitamin E acetate is a white or yellowish powder or granule, or a viscous liquid that is slightly greenish yellow or yellow. It is almost odorless and its color becomes deeper in light. After vitamin E becomes vitamin E acetate, it has other special effects. For example, vitamin E acetate can be used to treat dryness of the oral mucosa, dryness and itching of the vagina, ulceration of the rectum, nose and eye mucosa, inflammation, glossitis, keratoconjunctivitis, keratitis, corneal pain, corneal ulcer, corneal epithelialization, envelope rhinitis, nasal vestibulitis, atrophic vaginitis, etc. It can also be used in cosmetics, food and feed.

Tocopheryl acetate in cosmetics

1. Tocopherol acetate is a widely recognized skin conditioning and moisturizer. It is also an antioxidant. This compound is used in most brands of skin creams and lotions to strengthen the skin’s defense against UV rays and even to alleviate wrinkles.

2. The acetate of tocopherol acetate slowly penetrates into the skin to prevent harmful UV rays. It promotes moisture by removing free radicals and preventing dry skin, which can result in shedding or killing of skin cells. This is especially important when the skin is exposed to sunburn, frostbite or other irritation.

Tocopheryl acetate Packaging

Packaging and storage: 5kg / barrel, plastic barrel, 2 barrels / box, corrugated box.

Tocopheryl acetate Storage

Store in a cool, dark place with a shelf life of 4 years.