Ammonium lauryl sulfate

Ammonium lauryl sulfate Appearance

Ammonium lauryl sulfate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Ammonium lauryl sulfate
CAS No.: 2235-54-3

Chemical structure:Ammonium lauryl sulfate chemical structure

Molecular Formula: C12H29NO4S

EINECS: 218-793-9

Synonyms: Sterling AM;Conco sulfate A;Dodecyl sulfate ammonium salt;Maprofix NH; akyposalals33

Appearance:White or light yellow gelatinous colloid.

Ammonium lauryl sulfate Typical Properties

Product Name Ammonium lauryl sulfate
Appearance, at 25℃ White or light yellow gelatinous colloid
Active content ≥68.0%
Free oil ≤4.0%
Ammonium sulfate ≤2.0%
PH 6.0-7.0
Fe ≤5.0ppm
Chloride ≤0.3%


Ammonium lauryl sulfate Application

1.As a cleaning agent, foaming agent main ingredient or auxiliary ingredient, it is widely used in the field of personal care products such as toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, shampoo and shower gel.

2.Compared with sodium lauryl sulfate: ammonium lauryl sulfate has lower toxicity and irritation, so it is widely used in personal care products such as shampoos and shower gels.

3.In view of the irritancy of ammonium lauryl sulfate, in products that are directly in contact with the human body for a long time, such as: skin care products, the added amount should not exceed 1%.

Ammonium lauryl sulfate Packaging and Shipping 


Ammonium lauryl sulfate Storage

Store in sealed containers at 30°C-40°C. Shelf life is 12 months.