Antifoam pe-L

Antifoam pe-L Appearance

Antifoam pe-L Quick Details

Chemical Name: Antifoam pe-L

CAS: 9003-13-8

Molecular Formula: C10H22O3

Molecular Weight: 190.27988

Chemical Structure: Antifoam pe-L Structure

Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

Antifoam pe-L Typical Properties

Item Specification
Colour to Hazen ≤50
Acid Value ≤0.5
Water Content ≤0.1
Appearance Colorless clear liquid

Antifoam pe-L Usage

1. It has an emollient that is smooth and has an excellent antiperspirant activity. Especially suitable for direct antiperspirant, deodorant and skin care products.

2. It is a highly polar, high viscosity cosmetic grease with a very low pour point, a very smooth skin feel, a highly effective wetting and dispersing agent for toners and pigments.

3. Polyether defoamer. The product has three different viscosities and molecular weights, namely PE-H (polyether high), PE-M (polyether media) and PE-L (polyether low). Due to its surface activity, the product is used as a non-volatile defoamer in a variety of systems. It is characterized by its very low cytotoxicity and is therefore useful for bacterial and cell culture.

Antifoam pe-L Packaging and Shipping

25kgs drum, or customized.

Antifoam pe-L Packaging Antifoam pe-L Packaging2

Antifoam pe-L Storage

Notes: Keep stored in cool, dry conditions in well sealed containers.