ATMP Appearance

ATMP Quick Details 

Chemical Name: Amino tris(methylene phosphonic acid)

CAS No.: 6419-19-8

EINECS No.: 229-146-5

Molecular Formula: C3H12NO9P3

ATMP Typical Properties

Appearance White Crystal Powder
Active Content (as HEDP) % 95Min
Phosphorous Acid(as PO33-) % 4.0Max
Phosphorous Acid(as PO43-) % 0.8Max
PH (1%water solution) 2.0Max
IRON ppm 20Max
CHLORIDES (as CI-) % 1.0Max


ATMP Applications

1. Scale prevention of cooling water system, oil pipeline and boiler. It can be used as scale inhibitor for poor oil pipeline with high hardness, high salinity and other water quality.

2. Scale Inhibitors and Corrosion Inhibitors for Cooling Water, Boiler Water and Oilfield Water Treatment.

3. Used in circulating cooling water and oilfield reinjection water systems of thermal power plants, refineries, petrochemical and fertilizer plants. It is especially suitable for systems with high calcium hardness and low concentration factor, such as power plants. The scale inhibitors for oil pipelines with high hardness, high salinity and poor water quality can reduce corrosion and scaling of metal equipment and pipelines. It is used as metal ion chelating agent and metal surface treatment agent in textile, printing and dyeing industries.

ATMP  Packaging and Shipping

25KG/ bag. Compound cowhide paper bag, lined.

ATMP Storage

Stored in cool and dry place,keep the seal clean.