Beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate

Beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate Appearance

Beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate Quick Details

Product Name: Beta-Pentacetylglucose / beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate

Chemical name: 1,2,3,4,6-Penta-O-Acetyl-ß-D-Glucopyranose; ß-D-Glucose Penta Acetate

CAS#: 604-69-3

Molecular formula: C16H22O11

Molecular weight: 390.34

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Assay: ≥98% (HPLC)

Characteristics: It is a white crystalline powder. It’s soluble in water and easy soluble in ethanol, chloroform etc.

Beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate Specifications

Item Specification
Appearance White crystalline powder
Assay, %(GC) ≥98.0
Melting point,°C 130.0~134.0
Specific Rotation,
Residue on ignition, % ≤0.10
Water,% ≤1.0


Beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate Usage

Uses: This product is mainly used for the synthesis arbutin.

Used as medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates and its modification, synthon of bioactive materials, activators of peroxides, additive of medicine, food and plastic, antisolvent crystallizations of pharmaceutical, enzyme and biomolecule, acetylation treatment of wood.

It also has certain antimicrobial activities including shigella dysenteriae, candida albicans, staphylococcus and more than 10 kinds of bacterias to be a potential antimicrobial agent. It has ovicidal effect on tetranychus urticae, whitefly to control arthropod pests. so used as plant growth regulators (PGRs).

Beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate Packaging 

Package: 25kg/drum or as customer require.

Beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate Storage

Storage: Maintain in cool, dry containment.

Expiration Date: 2 years.