Bisdodecanoic acid zinc salt

Zinc Laurate Appearance (2)

Bisdodecanoic acid zinc salt Quick Details

Product Name: Bisdodecanoic acid zinc salt

Other name: Zinc Laurate

CAS No.: 2452-01-9

Molecular Formula: C24H46O4Zn

Molecular weight: 464.01

Appearance: white fine powder

Properties: fine white powder, soluble in hot water and hot ethyl alcohol; lightly soluble in cold ethyl alcohol, ether and other organic solvent

Bisdodecanoic acid zinc salt Specification

Testing item Testing standard
appearance white fine powder
loss on drying, % ≤1.0
zinc oxide content, % 17.0~19.0
melting point, ℃ 125~135
free acid, % ≤2.0
iodine value ≤1.0
fineness, % 325 mesh passing≥99.0
heavy metal(in Pb), % ≤0.0020
lead, % ≤0.0010
arsenic, % ≤0.0005


What is Bisdodecanoic acid zinc salt?

1. This product can be used as a polyvinyl chloride heat stabilizer.

2. The initial coloring property and transparency are similar to those of zinc stearate, and it is compatible with polyvinyl chloride, and has poor lubricity and thermal stability.

3. It has a synergistic effect with cerium soap and cadmium soap, and can reduce coloring property.

Bisdodecanoic acid zinc salt Usage

1. This product can be used as PVC heat stabilizer, high cost performance and good compatibility with PVC.

2. Good synergy effect, improve product quality and reduce overall cost of the enterprise. This product is synergistic with strontium soap and cadmium soap for general industrial transparent products; it can be used together with calcium soap for non-toxic products.

3. Wide range of applications, reducing coloration and reducing product defect rate. It is widely used in the fields of plastics, coatings, greases, textiles, construction, paper, pigments, and daily chemicals. It is used as a PVC heat stabilizer in the plastics industry and as a matting agent in the coatings industry.

4. This product can be used as a drier and coating for paints and paints.

5. This product is used as an anti-caking agent, opacifier, viscosity modifier, etc. in the field of personal care products.

Bisdodecanoic acid zinc salt Packaging

25kg/fiber drum