Calcium stearate


Calcium stearate Details

Chemical Name: Calcium stearate

CAS No.: 1592-23-0

Molecular Formula: 1592-23-0

Molecular Weight: 607.02

Molecular Structure:

Appearance: White powder

Calcium stearate Typical Properties

Item Specification
Content (calcium ion) 6.5 + 0.5%
MP℃ 149-155
Free fatty acid % (stearic acid) ≤0.5
Heating and reducing capacity % ≤ 1.0
Thin (through 0.075mm sieve) % ≥ 99.5
Cumulative density, G /cm cubed ≤ 0.2

Calcium stearate Usage

  1. Widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, plastics and rubber, mechanical engineering, paint, ink and other industries
  2. Mainly used as lubricants, heat stabilizers, emulsifiers, stabilizers, mold release agents, accelerators, cosmetic base materials

Calcium stearate Packaging and Shipping


Calcium stearate Storage

Stored in cool dry and ventilated place