Calcium thioglycolate for Cosmetics

Calcium thioglycolate Appearance

Calcium thioglycolate Quick Details

Chemical Name:Calcium thioglycolate

Synonyms: Thioglycolic Acid Calcium Salt Trihydrate

CAS No.:814-71-1

Molecular formula:C4H6CaO4S2

Chemical structure:  Calcium thioglycolate Chemical structure

EINECS No.:212-402-5

HazardClass :6.1(b)

PackingGroup :III

Calcium thioglycolate Typical Properties

Item Specification Test Result
Appearance White or Off-white crystalline powder Conform
Assay( % W/W) ≥99.0 99.4
Heavy metal (Pb) PPM(mg/kg) ≤5 Comply
Iron (Fe) PPM(mg/kg) ≤5 Comply
Arsenic (As) PPM(mg/kg) ≤5 Comply
pH(1%,20℃) 11.0~12.0 11.5
Conclusion The Results Conforms With Enterprise Standards

Calcium thioglycolate Application

Colorless liquid with the aroma of wine, fruit and melon for spices, food flavor, modulation grape, pear flavor and aroma

Calcium thioglycolate Packaging and Shipping 

25kg per fiber drum