CAS 106214-84-0


CAS 106214-84-0 Details

Chemical Name: Aminopropyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane

CAS No.: 106214-84-0

Molecular Formula: C12H34N2O2Si3

Molecular Weight:322.66706

Appearance: Liquid


CAS 106214-84-0 Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance Clear light amber liquid
Viscosity 50,00〜150,00 mPa.s


CAS 106214-84-0 Usage


  • conditioner, hair care, fragrance spray, shampoo, hair dye, deep nourishing hair mask, lotion repair fragrance spray


  • Due to its strong moisture absorption capacity, it absorbs the vapor in the air. Therefore, its appearance will gradually become translucent and sometimes turbid, which is a feature of the product with no affects of its physical and chemical properties.


  • It can interact with the hydroxyl and carboxyl groups on the hair surfaceand it has good orientation and absorption propertieswith a smooth and firm film on the hair.
  • It has excellent shear stabilityand it can improves hair elasticity, softness and abrasion resistance.
  • Used to repair damaged hairwith excellent conditioning and sedimentation performance. Itimproves the dry and wet combing properties of the hair and reduces static.
  • Diaminopropyl dimethicone can make hair smooth and straight.


CAS 106214-84-0 Packaging and Shipping

25kg/drum, 50kg/drum


CAS 106214-84-0 Storage

Keep in cool dry ventilated place and well sealed