CAS 24730-31-2


CAS 24730-31-2 Quick Details

Name: Sodium Surfactin

CAS No.: 24730-31-2

Appearance: off-white powder

Purity: 85%/95%

CAS 24730-31-2 Typical Properties

Item Standard
Appearance off-white powder
grade Cosmetic
Application emulgator
Purity 85%/95%


CAS 24730-31-2 Usage

Surfactin can be used as emulsifier, solvent increasing agent and detergent in all kinds of high-end daily chemical products, which has incomparable advantages over other products.

Surfactin can also be widely used in medicine, agriculture, textile industry, oil exploitation, environmental protection and other fields.It can be widely used in cosmetic, food, medicine, detergent, pesticide and soil remediation.


CAS 24730-31-2 Packaging and Shipping

Aluminum foil bag, Fiber drum,  or customized.

Packing Packing2

CAS 24730-31-2 Storage

Notes: Keep stored in cool, dry conditions in well sealed containers.