CAS 302933-83-1

Sodium Surfactin Appearance 

CAS 302933-83-1 Quick Details

Product Name: Sodium Surfactin

CAS No.: 302933-83-1


CAS 302933-83-1 Typical Properties

Item Specification
Acid precipitation Positive
Ninhydrin test Negative
Biuret test Positive
IR Absorption maximum at around 1540,1650,1740,2930, and 2960 cm-1
Sodium ion Positive
pH of aqueous solution 6.5-8.0(1% in distilled water)
Clarity of solution Practically clear (1%)
Heavy metals Not more than 20 ppm(as Pb)
Arsenic Not more than 2 ppm
Water content Not more than 10%
Assay (Nitrogen) 8.1-9.0%(Kjeldahl method)


CAS 302933-83-1 Usage

It is a kind of pure natural surfactant, with unique cyclic peptide structure, so as to obtain a series of excellent emulsification, dispersion and other surface activity properties.

It can be widely used in cosmetic, food, medicine, detergent, pesticide and soil remediation.

Others: Pharma, Detergent, Farm, etc.

What is Sodium Surfactin? 

1. Subtilisin is the sodium salt of the subtilisin, a cyclic peptide synthesized by Bacillus subtilis, which is mostly applied in the form of a sodium salt.

2. Since it was first discovered by Arima et al in 1968, Bacillus subtilis sodium has been one of the most surface active and researched biosurfactants, and is widely used in the food industry and environmental industry as a good biological phase. A capacitive surfactant.

3. In addition to its strong surface activity, Bacillus subtilis sodium can also increase the biodegradability of hydrophobic hydrocarbons, play an important role in the bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils and oceans, and it can also Heavy metals combine to remove heavy metals from contaminated soils and sediments, and have certain antibacterial activity. However, low yields have consistently limited the widespread use of subtilisin.

CAS 302933-83-1 Packaging and Shipping

1Kg/aluminum foil bag, or customized.

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CAS 302933-83-1 Storage

Notes: Keep stored in cool, dry conditions in well-sealed containers.