5,6-Dihydroxyindole Details

Chemical Nam:5,6-Dihydroxyindole

CAS No.: 3131-52-0

Molecular Formula:C8H7NO2

Molecular Weight:149.15

Molecular Structure: 


5,6-Dihydroxyindole Typical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance White powder
Assay % ≥98.0
Specific Optical rotation +153°- +159°(20°C) (on anhydrous Basis)
pH 7.2 –9.0
Loss on drying ≤4.0%
Heavy Metals ≤20PPM

5,6-Dihydroxyindole Usage

5,6-Dihydroxyindole is safe and natural black hair dye.

It is widely used in high-level hair dye products.

5,6-Dihydroxyindole Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg per fiber drum,or according to customers’ requirements.

5,6-Dihydroxyindole Storage

This product should be sealed and shielded from light, stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.