Sodium Laurate Quick Details

Product Name: Sodium Laurate

Other name : Lauric Acid Sodium Salt; Sodium dodecanoate

CAS No.: 629-25-4

Molecular Fomula: C12H23NaO2

Molecular weight: 222.3

Appearance: white fine powder

Sodium Laurate Specification

Testing item Testing standard
appearance white fine powder
ethyl alcohol solubility test meet the specification
loss on drying, % ≤6.0
ignition residue(sulfate), % 29.0~32.0
acid value (H+)/(mmol/100g) ≤5.0
iodine value ≤1.0
fineness, % 200 mesh passing≥99.0
heavy metal(in Pb), % ≤0.0020
lead, % ≤0.0010
arsenic, % ≤0.0005

What is Sodium Laurate?

Lauric acid is an acid, and sodium laurate is a chemical salt formed by the reaction of lauric acid and sodium hydroxide solution.

Sodium Laurate Application

It is an important material of textile used soap and shampoo; excellent surface active agent, emulsifying agent, lubricating agent of cosmetics

Sodium Laurate Packaging

25kg/bag or 25kg/fiber drum