CAS 6920-22-5


CAS 6920-22-5

Name: 1,2-Hexanediol

CAS No.:  6920-22-5

EINECS No: 230-029-6

Molecular formula: C6H14O2

molecular weight: 118.17

Molecular Structure: 


CAS 6920-22-5 Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance Transparent liquid
Purity >99.5%
Water(%) <0.5% w/w
Water <0.5% w/w
Boiling Point 220-225℃ 20mm Hg(lit.)
Density 0.94
Heavy Metal <20 ppm
Lead <1 ppm
Ar <1 ppm


What Is CAS 6920-22-5?

It is transparent liquid used as cosmetic material.


CAS 6920-22-5 Packaging and Shipping

15kg/drum, 200kg/drum or according to customer requirements

1,2-Hexanediol packing (2) 1,2-Hexanediol packing (1)

CAS 6920-22-5 Storage

Stored in sealed containers in cool dry warehouse