Castoryl Maleate CAS 241153-84-4

Castoryl Maleate Appearance

Castoryl Maleate CAS 241153-84-4 Quick Details

Chemical Name:Castoryl Maleate

Other name: RMT

CAS No.:241153-84-4

Molecular formula:C61H106O12

Chemical structure:  Castoryl Maleate Chemical structure





Castoryl Maleate is pale yellow oily liquid, an oil-soluble substance.Castoryl Maleate dissolve in oil esters and alcohols,but not dissolve in water.Castoryl Maleate is used in the field of cosmetics wash shampoo, shower gel, cream, cosmetics and other occasions. Castoryl Maleate has excellent affinity for the skin and at the same time can not easily be washed away surfactant used in containing a large number of surface-active agents such as foam cleanser or shower gel and other products, to the skin surface effectively to achieve superior long-term retention moisturizing effect.

Castoryl Maleate CAS 241153-84-4 Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance light yellow to yellow liquid
Acid value 50-60
Saponification value 245-295
Iodine value ≤100
Refractive index (25℃) 1.476-1.486
Moisture ≤0.3

Castoryl Maleate CAS 241153-84-4 Performance And Application


  1. A skin moisturizing skin class of liposomes
  2. Reducing irritation of the surfactant
  3. Providing superior gloss
  4. As soap emulsifier and moisturizer


  1. liquid soap and bath products
  2. face Clean product
  3. hair care products
  4. moisturizing cream (cream)

Suggested usage:


Method of use:

Rinse-off products at 70-75℃was added and stirred evenly. Cream lotion, applied to the oil phase, the normal operation can be. .

Castoryl Maleate CAS 241153-84-4 Packaging and Shipping 

25kg per plastic drum

Castoryl Maleate CAS 241153-84-4 Storage

To avoid freezing environment, Kept in the dark, cool and dry place, sealed storage. Shelf life 24 Months.