Cedar oil


Cedar oil Details

Product name: Cedar oil

Other Name: Cederwood oil, White cedar leaf oil

CAS No.: 8000-27-9

Appearance: Light yellow liquid , with cedar woody aroma

Cedar oil Specification

Product name cedar Oil
CAS No. 8000-27-9
EINECS No. 285-360-9
Appearance: yellowish or even darker in colour
Odour: cedarwood aroma
Relative density: 0.9380-0.9530
Refractive index: 1.4800-1.4980
Optical rotation: -25 ° – 60 °
Solubility: 1ml soluble in 2ml 70% ethanol
Heavy metal: negative
Content: α-cedrene 17-30% β- cedrene 4-11%

Thujopsene 25-40% Cedrol10-20%

Cedar oil Usage

Cedar oil can be used in a variety of fragrance applications such as soap flavors, household sprays, floor polishes and insecticides.

In the microscope work, a small amount is used as a cleaning oil.

Mainly used to modulate food, cosmetic flavors and medicine.

This product is an important spice for blending soap and cosmetic flavors, especially in sandalwood essence.

It is also possible to separate from cypress and cedar, and further synthesize spices such as cedar acetate, methyl cedar, and acetyl cedar.

It is mainly used to prepare flavors and medicines and is used to extract cypress.

Synthesis of perfumes such as cedarwood acetate, methyl cedar, and acetyl cedar.

Cedar oil Packaging and Shipping

Packaging: 25kg/drum, 180kg/drum

Cedar oil Storage
Stored in cool dry ventilated place away from fire, heat, light, acids and food materials