Cetyl Phosphate

Cetyl Phosphate Appearance

Cetyl Phosphate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Cetyl Phosphate

CAS No.: 3539-43-3

Chemical structure: Cetyl Phosphate

MF: C16H35O4P

EINECS: 222-581-1

Synonyms:AMPHISOL A;cetylphosphate; Cetylphosphate(and)dea-cetylphosphate; hexadecylphosphate; hexadecyl dihydrogen phosphate; cethylphosphoric ester; AMPHISOL A; PHOSPHORICMONOHEXADECYL ESTER

Appearance: White or yellowish powder

Cetyl Phosphate Typical Properties

Acidity Value 310-350mgKOH/g
Solid content ≥95%
Total phosphorus (by P2O5) 22-25
Melting point ≥60℃


Cetyl Phosphate Performance

  1. With emulsification, thickening ability, the cream is white, smooth, silky skin feel, smear, no stringiness.
  2. Stable performance, good compounding, overcoming the imbalance of emulsifier HLB value in different oily systems, and compounding with soap-based facial cleanser can improve the instability of soap-based facial cleanser.
  3. Easy to operate, easy to use, adjustable pH.

Cetyl Phosphate Application

It is widely used in Skin care products, Soap-based facial cleanser, Foundation cream, foundation honey, etc.

Cetyl Phosphate Packaging and Shipping 

25kg/Fiber Drum.

Cetyl Phosphate Storage

Store in a cool dry place. Valid for 24 months.