Copper Pyritione


Copper Pyritione Details

Chemical Name: Copper Pyritione

Other name: CPT

CAS No.: 14915-37-8

Molecular Formula: C10H8CuN2O2S2

Molecular Weight: 315.86

Molecular Structure: 

EINECS: 238-984-0

Copper Pyritione Typical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance Olive green powder
Assay, % ≥98.0
Melting Point, ℃ ≥250
D50, μm ≤5
D90, μm ≤10
pH 6.0~9.0
Loss on drying, % ≤0.5

Copper Pyritione Usage

Copper pyrithione is a broad-spectrum, low-toxic, environmentally-friendly fungicide and antibacterial agent.

Copper pyrithione is widely used in civil coatings, adhesives and carpets.

Copper pyrithione can also be used as anti-fouling paint for ships to prevent crustaceans, algae and aquatic organisms. Attach the hull plate.

Copper Pyritione Packaging and Shipping

Packing:25kg per fiber drum,or according to customers’ requirements.

Copper Pyritione Storage

This product should be sealed and shielded from light, stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.