DodecylamineQuick Details

Chemical Name:Dodecylamine
CAS No.:124-22-1
EINECS No.:204-690-6
Molecular Formula:C12H27N
Chemical Structure:dodecylamine chemical structure
Formula Weight:185.35
Synonyms:1-Aminododecan;1-Dideanamine;1-Dodecanamin;1-Dodecanamine;1-Dodecylamin;Alamine 4;alamine4;aminebb
Applications:active agent in geological analysis,chromatographic analysis, organic synthesis

Dodecylamine Typical Properties

Item Unit Specifications Results
Total Amine Value Mg/g 295-306 300.1
Purity % >98 99.0
Iodine Value g/100g <2 0.14
Titre 20-29 27.0
Color Hazen <30 2
Moisture % <0.3 0.08
Carbon ditribution C12 >98 99.01
Packing 160kg net Galvanized Iron D RUM
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Dodecylamine Packaging and Shipping

Packaged material iniron drums,160kg.

Dodecylamine Storage

Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container.

dodecylamine storing.

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