Epsilon-polylysine Appearance 1

Epsilon-polylysine Quick Details

Chemical Name: Epsilon-polylysine


Other name: E-PL

CAS No.: 28211-04-3

Molecular Fomula: (C6H12N2O)n

Chemical Structure:EPSILON-POLYLYSINE Structure

Appearance:White or light yellow powder

Epsilon-polylysine Typical Properties

Item Specification
Specific rotation +39.5 to +41.5°
State of solution(transmittance) Clear 98.0% min.
0.020% max.
Ammonium [NH4] 0.02% max.
Sulfate[SO4] 0.020% max
Iron[Fe] 10ppm max.
Heavy metals [Pb] 10ppm max
Arsenic[As2O3] 1ppm max
Other amino acids Chromatographically not detectable
Loss on drying 0.20% max.
Residue on ignition[sulfated] 0.10% max.
Assay 98%/99% min


Epsilon-polylysine Usage

At present, ε-polylysine has been widely used in various fields such as food, medicine, and cosmetics.

Food field: It can be used for antisepsis preservation of milk, beverages, rice, cakes, pastry, sauces, meat products, canned food, etc. When polylysine is used as a bacteriostatic agent in foods, it is usually used in combination with other substances to achieve synergistic and economical purposes, such as alcohol, organic acids, glycerides, and the like.

In the field of medicine: ε-polylysine is rich in cations, has strong electrostatic interaction with substances with anions and has good penetrating power to biofilms. Based on this property, polylysine can be used for certain drugs. The carrier is therefore widely used in medical and pharmaceutical applications. The polymerization of ε-polylysine and methotrexate (a drug for treating leukemia and tumor) can improve the efficacy of the drug.

Cosmetics: Cosmetics are highly susceptible to microbial contamination and cause spoilage during storage and use. ε-PL can effectively inhibit harmful bacteria in cosmetics and is a natural, efficient and safe preservative in cosmetics.

Epsilon-polylysine Packaging and Shippin

1-5 kgs Aluminum Foil Bag;

25 Kgs drum;

Or customized.

Epsilon-polylysine Package

Epsilon-polylysine Storage

Notes: Keep stored in cool, dry conditions in well sealed containers.