Ethyl myristate

Ethyl myristate Appearance

Ethyl myristate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Ethyl myristate

CAS No.: 124-06-1

Molecular Fomula: C16H32O2

Chemical Structure:Ethyl myristate Structure

Molecular weight: 256.42

Appearance: colorless liquid

Ethyl myristate Typical Properties

Item Spec.
Solubility(25℃) Soluble in ethanol
Assay, w/% 98.0% 99.0%min
Acidity(KOH)(mg/g) 1.0 max
Refractive index(20℃) 1.434-1.438
Density(25℃/25℃) 0.857-0.862

Use of Ethyl myristate  

Organic/Pharmaceutical Intermediate, cosmetics, essence and flavor.

Ethyl myristate Packaging and Shipping

170 kgs drum, IBC drum.

Ethyl myristate Storage

Notes: Keep stored in cool, dry conditions in well sealed containers.