Glucosyl beta cyclodextrin Appearance

Glucosyl-beta-cyclodextrin Quick Details

Product name: Glucosyl-beta-cyclodextrin

Another name: 6-O-ALPHA-D-GLUCOSYL

CAS: 92517-02-7

Molecular formula: C48H80O40

Molecular weight: 1297.12

Qaulity : Pharma grade / food grade / industry grade

Glucosyl-beta-cyclodextrin Specification

Terms Specification
Appearance  white powder, sweet, insipid innocent
Assay  ≥98%
The average substitution =1
Moisture content  ≤2.0%
Residue on ignition  ≤2.0%
Heavy metal (Pb)  ≤0.0025%
AS  ≤0.0005%
The total number of  germ  ≤1000
The total number of mould  ≤100
Pathogenic bacteria  None

Glucosyl-beta-cyclodextrin Application

In the field of medicine

Glucosyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin can be used to improve the effectiveness of synthetic technology of Chiral drugs and the quality of the medicine.

In the fields of food and spice

Glucosyl beta cyclodextrin can improve the stability and long effect of nutritional elements also glucosyl beta cyclodextrin can cover up and correct the ordor and taste of food nutrition elements.

In the field of cosmetics

Glucosyl-beta-cyclodextrin can reduce the stimulation to the skin , strengthen the stability of the matter, and avoid the volatility and oxidation of the nutrition elements.

Glucosyl-beta-cyclodextrin Packaging

Package: 10kg/fiber drum , 20kg/fiber drum or customized

Glucosyl beta cyclodextrin Storage

At room temperature, in tightly closed container.