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Glyoxal 40% CAS 107-22-2

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Assay: 40% min

Capacity: 6000mt/month

Sample: Available



Glyoxal Quick Details

Chemical Name: Glyoxal

CAS No.: 107-22-2

Assay: 40%

EINECS No.: 203-474-9

Molecular Formula: C2H2O2

Chemical Structure: Glyoxal 40 Molecular structural formula

Formula Weight: 58.04

Other Names: BISFORMYL; glyoxylaldehyde; GLYOXAL SOLUTION; GLYOXAL; DIFORMYL; ETHANEDIAL; 1,2-ethane dione; Oxalaldehyde

Capacity: 6000 MT per month.


Item  formaldehyde 100ppm max formaldehyde 500ppm max  formaldehyde 1000ppm max formaldehyde 2000ppm max
Appearance A Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Glyoxal ≥40%
Glycol ≤1.5%
Total Acidity (HAC) ≤0.15%
Density 1.267-1.275
Chroma (Apeh) ≤20# ≤20# ≤20# ≤20#
Formaldehyde ≤100PPM ≤500PPM ≤1000PPM ≤2000PPM


Application Characteristic Function
Textiles Textile auxiliary agent Softer and less wrinkled textiles;

Finishing clothing, 2D resin, M2D resin.

Paper Transient wet strength agent Paper wet strength(e.g. toilet paper);

Paper dry strength(e.g. recycled paper);

Efficient paper coating additive for high-quality papers;

Wet strength increased the resistance of paper.

Leather Cross-linking in tanning process. Preservation of leather quality.
Cosmetics Use of glyoxal-cross linking polymers(hydrocolloids) Better viscosity.
Construction Industry Cement curing agent Improve the solidification strength, as a control landslide, can prevent the loss of mud to prevent the collapse.
Intermediate Area Intermediate Mainly for glyoxylate, D-hydroxyphenyl glycine, allantoin, benzene Enzyme pharynx, and berberine;
Epoxy Building block for specific epoxy application Higher epoxy stability performance
Oil & Gas Sulfur scavenger

Use of glyoxal-cross-linking polymers(hydrocolloids)


Safety at work;

Improves viscosity in oil-drilling fluids.

Disinfection Biocidal active ingredient for disinfection formulations. Co-biocide for disinfectants used in the health industry and in veterinary hygiene.

Effective when formulated together with e.g. glutaraldehyde.

Glyoxylic Acid Raw materials Serves as an intermediate for vanillin, agricultural chemicals, antibiotics, allantoin, and complexing agents.

Glyoxal is widely used in Water treatment, textile, paper making, petroleum, medicine, paint and coating fields.


250kg/plastic drum,80Drums or 20MT/20FCL

1250 kg /IBC Drum,20 MT/20FCL



Keep the container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.

Recommended storage temperature: 2-8 °C

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