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Glyoxylic acid 50% CAS 298-12-4

Chemical Name: Glyoxylic acid

CAS No.: 298-12-4

EINECS No.: 206-058-5

Capacity: 4000mt/month

Sample: Available

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Glyoxylic acid Quick Details

Chemical Name: Glyoxylic acid

CAS No.: 298-12-4

Synonyms: Formylformic acid, Oxoethanoic acid; Glyoxylic Acid; Carboxyformaldehyde; Formylcarboxylic Acid; Formylformic Acid; Oxoethanoic Acid; α-Ketoacetic Acid; Oxoacetic Acid

EINECS No.: 206-058-5

Molecular Formula: C2H2O3

Chemical Structure:

Glyoxylic acid 50%

Formula Weight: 74.04

Assay: 50%min

Capacity: 4000MT per month.

Sample: available

Typical Properties

Item Normal Grade A Normal Grade B Chelating Level A Chelating Level B Chelating Level C Cosmetics Grade A Cosmetics Grade B
Glyoxylic acid ≥50% ≥50% ≥50% ≥50% ≥50% ≥50% ≥50%
Glyoxal ≤1.0% ≤1.0% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.4% ≤0.1% ≤0.05%
Nitric acid ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.05%
Oxalic acid ≤1.5% ≤1.0% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤0.2%
Item Cosmetics grade C
Top Qualified
Glyoxylic acid ≥50% ≥50%
Glyoxal None None
Oxalic Acid ≤0.1% ≤0.2%
Formic acid ≤0.10% ≤0.6%
Maleic acid ≤0.06% ≤0.1%


Glyoxylic acid can be applied successfully in the agro, pharma, and fine chemical industries.

1. Used as material for methyl vanillin, ethyl vanillin in flavor industry.

2. Used as intermediate for atenolol, D-hydroxybenzeneglycin, broad spectrum antibiotic, amoxicillin(orally taken), acetophenone, amino acid, etc.

3. Used as intermediate of varnish material, dyes, plastic, agrochemical, allantoin, and daily-use chemicals, etc. It is popular in the cosmetic industry, for hair dye, hair care products, skincare

product, etc.

4. Glyoxylic acid is the material for water purificant and pesticides. It is used as an intermediate of varnish material and dyes.

5. Glyoxylic acid also can be used in the preservation of food, as a cross-linking agent of polymerization, and as a plating additive.

6. Used for cosmetic industry, like skin care product, and hair care product


250kg/plastic drum,20MT/20FCL

1250kg/IBC drum,20MT or 22.5MT/20FCL

25kg/plastic drum,20MT/20FCL

ISO Tank, 25MT


Keep sample bottle tightly sealed.

Store in a cool and dry place in tightly closed containers. Ensure good ventilation at the workplace.

Store away from oxidizing agents.

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