Hydroxyethyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin appearance

Hydroxyethyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Quick Details

Product name: Hydroxyethyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin

CAS No.: 128446-32-2

Molecular Formula: C56H98O42

Molecular Weight: 1443.35

Appearance: White, powder, sweet, insipid and innocuous

Assay: 98%min

Hydroxyethyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin can increase the solubility of the medicine, increase the good effect and reduce the number.

At the same time, it can control the reactive speed of the medicine, increase the stability of it.

Hydroxyethyl-beta-cyclodextrin is mainly used for oral solution with highest safety.

Hydroxyethyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Specification

Terms Specifications
Appearance white powder, sweet, indodorous nontoxic
Assay ≥98%
The average substitution perfect
Moisture content ≤2.0%
Residue on Ignition ≤2.0%
Heavy metal (Pb) ≤0.0025%
AS ≤0.0002%
The total number of germ ≤1000
The total number of mould ≤100
Pathogenic bacteria Non

Hydroxyethyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Application

1. In medicine, the solubility and bioavailability of the drug can be improved, and the therapeutic effect of the drug can be increased or decreased, and the release rate of the drug can be adjusted or controlled, the side effects of the drug can be reduced, and the stability of the drug can be enhanced, and the drug is mainly applied to the oral solution. The highest level of safety.

2, In the field of food and spices, can improve the stability and long-term effectiveness of nutritional molecules, can mask or correct the bad smell and taste of food nutrition molecules.

3. In the field of cosmetics, it can reduce the stimulation of organic molecules on the skin and mucous membranes in cosmetics, enhance the stability of substances, and prevent the volatilization and oxidation of nutrients.

Hydroxyethyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Packaging

10kg/fiber drum, 20kg/fiber drum