Isononyl isononoate

 Isononyl isononoate

Isononyl isononoate Quick Details

Product Name: Isononyl isononoate

CAS No.:  59219-71-5

EINECS No: 261-665-2

Chemical formula: C18H36O2

M.W.: 284.48


Isononyl isononoate Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance Transparent liquid
Density(25℃) 0.840-0.855
Refractive Index(25℃) 1.435-1.439
Acid value(mg KOH∕g) ≤0.5
Iodine number(g12∕100g) ≤1.0
Water(%) ≤0.05
Color(APHA) 20
Viscosity(mpa.s,25℃) 5.8
Sapon Value(mgKOH/g)) 190-200


Isononyl isononoate Usage

1.Dispersing agent for lipstick and base oil ester.

2.Moisturizing oil esters in lipsticks and hair care products.

3.A variety of creams, lotions, and other skin care products.

4.Improve the soap foam, moisturizing and appearance improver.

5. In the shaping water, shampoo, and ethanol-containing products, can increase the moisture after use.


Isononyl isononoate Packaging and Shipping

170kgs drum, or customized.

Isononyl isononoate1 (2)Isononyl isononoate1 (1)

Isononyl isononoate Storage

Notes: Keep stored in cool, dry conditions in well sealed containers.

Shelflife: 12month.