Lanolin oil


Lanolin oil Quick Details

Chemical Name: Lanolin oil

CAS No.: 70321-63-0

EINECS: 274-559-6

Synonyms: Oils, lanolin, Oele, Lanolin-, Croda Fluilan LA7356

Appearance: Light yellow or dark brown clear liquid


Lanolin oil Typical Properties

Item Specification
Color, Gardner ≤9.0
BHT(ppm) ≤200
Acid value(mgKOH/g) ≤2.0
Saponification Value(mgKOH/g) 90-110
Iodine Value(1g/100g) 18-36
Chloride Meet EP
Paraffin(%) ≤1.0
Loss on drying(%) ≤0.5
Cloud point(℃) ≤20


Lanolin oil Application

  1. Lanolin oil is very good for lipsticks of various colors and various lipstick products.
  2. Lanolin oil can be used in a variety of oily formula products including bath oil, baby oil, cleansing oil and sunscreen. Excellent fluidity and transparency mean that it can replace mineral oil to increase lubricity.


Lanolin oil Packaging and Shipping 

50kg/Drum; 190kg/Drum


Lanolin oil Storage

Store in a dry, cool environment, avoiding moisture, moisture and direct sunlight.

The room temperature (maximum 25℃) is valid for 24 months. If it has been opened, please use it as soon as possible.