Lauryl Laurate


Lauryl laurate Details

Chemical Name: Lauryl laurate

CAS No.: 13945-76-1

Molecular Formula: C24H48O2

Appearance: White Solid

Lauryl laurate Typical Properties

Item Specification
Apperance White powder
Density 0.86g/cm3
Active matter content 695%min

Lauryl laurate Usage


  • Excellent dispersing, lubricating and emulsifying ability.


  • Used as a lubricant and emollient.
  • Used as a dispersant, emulsion stabilizer.
  • Conditioner, emollient, etc. in the field of personal care products. Used as skin conditioner, adhesive, emulsifier, hair conditioner and opacifier. It is suitable for use in lipsticks, lipsticks, eye shadows, hot makeup products, creams, lotions and sunscreen products, foundations, sunscreens and more.

Lauryl laurate Packaging and Shipping

1kg/bag, 25kg/drum or customized package

Lauryl laurate Storage

Stored in cool dry ventilated place away from fire, heat, light, acids and food material