Lemon oil CAS 8008-56-8

Lemon Oil Appearance

Lemon Oil Quick Details

Product Name: Citrus Oil; Lemon Oil

CAS No.: 8008-56-8

Appearance: light yellow liquid

Lemon Oil Specification

Items Standards
Appearance Yellow oil
Scent Characteristic aroma of fresh lemon rind
Relative Density(20℃/20℃) 0.849 — 0. 858
Optical rotation(20℃) +60° —  +68°
Refractive index (20°C) 1.4740 — 1.4770
Arsenic content (mg/kg) ≤3
Heavy mental (mg/kg) ≤10
Acid value ≤3.0
Ingredients content after the evaporation ≤4.0%
Main ingredients content Limonene 99%

Lemon oil Usage

Having good medicinal and aromatherapy properties, it assists in providing relief from headaches & migraines as well as for treating rheumatism and arthritis. It is also used for clearing varied skin related problems. In addition, it can be used in incense, massage and physical therapy products.

Lemon oil Packaging

25kg, 50kg,180kg/drum

Lemon oil Storage

Sealed, stored in clean, cool and dry place. Avoid sunlight.