Magnesium Myristate CAS No.:4086-70-8

Magnesium Myristate Appearance

Magnesium myristate Quick Details

Chemical Name:Magnesium Myristate

CAS No.:4086-70-8

Molecular formula:


Chemical structure:Magnesium Myristate Chemical structure

EINECS No.:223-817-6


Properties: Magnesium myristate is fine white crystal powder;greasy to touch. Soluble in water,hot ethanol and hot water.Slightly soluble in organic solvents like cold ethanol and ether. Magnesium myristate have excellent lubrication,dispersion and emulsifying ability.

Magnesium myristate Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance white fine powder
loss on drying, % ≤ 6.0
magnesium oxide content, % 8.2-8.9
melting point, ℃ 132-138
free acid, % ≤3
iodine value ≤1
Particle Size

(Pass 200mesh)%

Heavy metal

(Colorimetry) %

Lead % ≤0.0010
As % ≤0.0005

Magnesium myristate Application

Magnesium myristate is used as emulsifying agent, lubricating agent, surface active agent, dispersing agent in personal-care supply field.

Magnesium myristate Packaging and Shipping 

Paper bag,net wt. 20kg/bag,or follow customer’s packing instructions.