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Origanum oil CAS 8007-11-2

Appearance: Pale yellow to brownish red oily liquid

Packaging: 25KG Drum or 175KG Drum.


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Origanum oil

Origanum oil details

Product name: Origanum oil

CAS NO: 8007-11-2

EINECS No: 616-905-4

Appearance: Pale yellow to brownish red oily liquid

Origanum oil Typical Properties

Appearance Pale yellow to brownish red oily liquid
Scent Characteristic aroma and taste of thyme
Density(20℃) 0.935~0.960
Refractive Index(20℃) 1.5024~1.5048
Optical Rotation(20℃) -2°~+3°
Heavy Metal Negative
Solubility Add 1 volume sample to 2 volume of ethanol 70%(v/v),

Dilution can appear cloudy

Main ingredients Carvacrol≥88%,thymol≥2%

Origanum oil Usage

1. Permitted food spices. Mainly used for seasoning and sausage

2. Medicine: It can be made into capsules or oral preparations for the treatment of acute gastrointestinal and intestinal parasitic diseases. It can also be used for the treatment and prevention of heatstroke, fever and colds. It can be used as a natural external bactericide to prevent wound infection.

3. In the aspect of animal husbandry: natural fungicides-can prevent and treat infections in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Natural preservatives-prevent feed deterioration. Better than antibiotics-no residue, no pollution, microorganisms are not resistant to it, and there is no contraindication to antibiotics. Good economy-long-term use can increase the feed conversion rate and promote animal growth.

4. In the cosmetics industry-it can be used as a raw material for skin care products and beauty products, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and beautify the skin. In the food industry-as a natural extract fragrance and preservative.

Origanum oil Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25KG Drum or 175KG Drum.

Origanum oil Storage

Stored in cool and dry place,keep the seal clean.

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