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Polyacrylamide CAS 9003-05-8

Assay: 90%
Appearance: White or yellowish granules or powder
Capacity: 50000MT per year
Packaging: 25kg bag
Sample: available

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Quick Details
Chemical Name: Polyacrylamide
CAS No.: 9003-05-8
Molecular Formula: C3H5NO
Molecular Weight: 71.0779
Molecular Structure:Polyacrylamide CAS 9003-05-8
Appearance: White or yellowish granules or powder

Typucal  Properties

Item Specifications
Class I Class II Class III
Apearance White or yellowish granules or powder
Solid content% 90.0 88.0 88.0
Molecular weight,million _____________________
Degree of hydrolysis,% _____________________
Residue Acrylamine,% 0.025 0.05 ——
Dissolution time (anion type) 60 90 ——
Dissolution time (non-ionic) 90 120 ——
Particles% >1.00mm ≤ 2 5
<0.18mm ≤ 12 12
Insoluble matter content % 0.3 1.0 2.0
Oxide content% 0.5 ——
Sulfate content% 1.0 ——


1. Oil displacement agent for eor: it can adjust the rheological property of injected water, increase the viscosity of driving fluid, improve water drive sweep efficiency, reduce water phase permeability in the formation, so that water and oil can flow forward at a constant speed.Its function is mainly used in petroleum exploitation for tertiary oil recovery in oil fields. For each ton of polymer polyacrylamide injected, about 100-150 tons of crude oil can be extracted.
2. Drilling mud material: it is used as an additive of drilling mud material in the exploration and development of oil fields and the exploration of geological and water conservancy coal, which can extend the service life of the drill bit, improve drilling speed and penetration, reduce the blockage during drilling change, and prevent well collapse effectively.Also available around the day of fracturing fluid and profile control water plugging agent.
3. Industrial wastewater treatment: especially for suspended particles, coarse, high concentration, particles with positive electric charge, neutral or alkaline PH value of water, steel plant wastewater, electroplating plant wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, coal washing wastewater and other sewage treatment, the best effect.
4. Drinking water treatment: the water source of many waterworks in China comes from rivers, with high sediment and mineral content and relatively turbidity. Although it has been filtered by precipitation, it still cannot meet the requirements and needs to be added with flocculant.In the past, inorganic flocculant was used in waterworks, but the amount of adding was large, which resulted in the increase of sludge volume, and the effect was not good.Using anion polyacrylamide as flocculant, the dosage is 1/50 of inorganic flocculant, but the effect is several times, even dozens of times.It is better to use cationic polyacrylamide in combination with river water with heavy organic pollution.
5. Paper additives: paper industry can be used for the clarification of caustic soda, retention aid, filter aid, paper dry and wet strength strengthening agent.
6. Used in sugar industry as clarifier of syrup.
7. Used as additives and binder in aquatic feed.

Packaging and 
Packing: 25kg per bag

Powder is easy to absorb moisture, pay attention to moisture proof.Should be stored in cool, ventilated, dry warehouse.
The emulsion should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse, sealed and stored, to prevent electrolyte substances mixed with the demulsification, affecting the use.

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