Potassium oleate


Potassium oleate Appearance

Potassium oleate Quick Details

Product Name: Potassium oleate

Other name : Oleic Acid Potassium

CAS No.: 143-18-0

Molecular Fomula: C18H33KO2

Molecular weight: 320.55

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid (<30%)
Light yellow to light brown sticky silk liquid (50%)
Light yellow soft paste solid (70~92%)
Light yellow powdery particles (>95%)

Properties: easily soluble in water; soluble in hot alcohol

Potassium oleate Specification

Testing item Testing standard
appearance white or light yellow powder
acid value 195-204
iodine value 80-100
free alkali, % 0.1~1.0
loss on drying, % ≤3.0
content(in dry), % ≥99.0
water solubility test , 10% qualified
ethyl alcohol solubility test , 5% qualified

Potassium oleate Uses

1. Potassium oleate is a potassium catalyst, a terpolymer catalyst for polyurethane rigid polyisocyanurate, which is widely used in polyurethane insulation sheet PIR foam systems.

2. In addition, potassium oleate is widely used in the fields of rubber emulsifiers, foaming agents, release agents, detergents, lubricants, fiber softeners and surfactants.

3. Potassium oleate solution has the disadvantages of low effective content, inconvenient transportation, storage and packaging, and due to the high water content, some high concentration potassium oleate solutions often require the addition of viscosity reducers, dispersants and other additives. The application field is further restricted; the paste-like potassium oleate and the creamy potassium oleate have higher active ingredients.

Potassium oleate Packaging

The PE film lined the polywoven bag. Net wt: 25kg/bag, or follow customer’s packing instructions.