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Silicon monoxide CAS 10097-28-6

Purity: 99.9%
Sample: Available

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Silicon monoxide

Quik Details

Chemical name:Silicon Monoxide
Molecular formula:OSi
Molecular weight: 44.09
EINECS No.: 233-232-8
Molecular structure:

Silicon monoxide chemical structure


Typical Properties:

TESTS Results
Purity 99.9%
Al 15.94
Ca 2.721
Fe 18.33
Ni 1.396
Cr 38.89
Mg 38.88
Cu 26.44
Particle size  0-1mm

It has important value as a fine ceramic raw material. It can also be evaporated in a vacuum and coated on metal mirrors used in optical instruments as a protective film. It can also be used to make semiconductor materials. Also used in optical glass.

①25kg/Drum ②500kg, 1000kg/Bag ③32kg/Carton

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