Span 60

Span 60 Appearance

Span 60 Quick Details

Chemical Name: Span 60

CAS No.: 1338-41-6

Chemical structure: Span 60

Molecular formula: C24H46O6

EINECS: 215-664-9

Synonyms: Span(rg 60;(Sorbitan Monostearate);ARLACEL 60;Lonzest(R) SMS;FEMA 3028;

Appearance: Milky white flake

Span 60 Typical Properties

Acid Value 8.0KOH mg/g Max
Saponification value 145-155KOH mg/g
Hydroxyl value 240-260KOH mg/g
Moisture 1.5%Max
Melting point 52-57℃
HLB Value 4.7


Span 60 Application

  1. Widely used as an emulsifier in food, medicine, pesticide, explosive and other industries, as a dispersant in paints and pigments.
  2. Used as a stationary liquid, emulsifier, thickener
  3. This product is used as an emulsifier, stabilizer in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, pesticide, paint and plastic industries, as an antistatic agent and a soft oiling agent in the textile industry.

Span 60 Packaging and Shipping 


Span 60 Storage

This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place to avoid sun and rain.