Triethyl Acetyl Citrate

Triethyl Acetyl Citrate Appearance

Triethyl Acetyl Citrate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Triethyl Acetyl Citrate

CAS No.:77-89-4

Chemical structure: Triethyl Acetyl Citrate

Molecular formula: C14H22O8

EINECS No.: 201-066-5

Synonyms:ATEC; Citric acid, triethyl ester, acetate;citricacid, acetyltriethylester; citricacid,triethylester,acetate;

Appearance:Colorless or light yellow liquid

Triethyl Acetyl Citrate Typical Properties

Color(Pt-Co) ≤50#
Assay,% ≥99.0
Acid value(mgKOH/g) ≤0.2
Moisture(wt),% ≤0.25
Refractive index(25℃/D) 1.440-1.442
Relative density(25/25℃) 1.135-.139
Heavy metals(Pb) ≤10ppm
Arsenic(AS) ≤3ppm


Triethyl Acetyl Citrate Application

1.Triethyl Acetyl Citrateis a non-toxic plasticizer, mainly used as a plasticizer for cellulose resins.

2.Non-toxic PVC granulation,

3. Making food packaging materials,

4. Medical products,

5. Prepare flavors and fragrances,

6. Children’s soft toys,

7. Cosmetics manufacturing, etc

Triethyl Acetyl Citrate Packaging and Shipping 

200L/ Plastic Drum or Iron Drum.

Triethyl Acetyl Citrate Storage

Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place.Shelf life is 24 months.