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VAT BLUE 20 CAS 116-71-2

Chemical Name:VAT BLUE 20

CAS No.: 116-71-2

Appearance: Dark blue purple powder

Packaging: 500kg/bag.

Sample: available




VAT BLUE 20 Quick Details

Chemical Name:VAT BLUE 20

CAS No.: 116-71-2

Molecular Formula: C34H16O2

Molecular Weight:456.49

Appearance: Dark blue purple powder

VAT BLUE 20 Typical Properties

Item Result
Appearance Dark blue purple powder
Shade Light blue
Strength 310
Water 1.97

VAT BLUE 20 Usage

Mainly used for dyeing cotton fiber, less for printing, more for color matching.
It can be used for the dyeing of silk, viscose fiber, viscose cotton, and woven cotton. It is also used for the hot melt dyeing of polyester-cotton blended fabrics and disperse dyes in the same bath, and also for the preparation of organic pigments.

VAT BLUE 20 Packaging and Shipping


VAT BLUE 20 Storage

Products are packed in clean containers.Store in ventilated, dry place, prevent direct sunlight.

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