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Detailed glutathione and free radicals – Zhonglan

Free radicals are an important factor in human aging, so resistance or elimination of free radicals is the focus of slowing down human aging. Therefore, this article details how glutathione resists and scavenges free radicals. Help the body slow down aging. Glutathione is a short peptide consisting of three amino acids (glutamic acid, cysteine and [...]

How to make ferulic acid? [8 methods]

Ferulic acid has anti-oxidation and anti-radiation properties. In this article, several methods for preparing ferulic acid will be introduced. Direct extraction from plants Ferulic acid can be obtained from plants in three ways: one is obtained from a combination of ferulic acid and some small molecules. The second is obtained from the plant cell wall. [...]

Glyoxal use precautions – Zhonglan Industry

In practical applications, glyoxal will cause toxicity and cause harm to the human body due to heating or burning. Therefore, the precautions for the use of glyoxal are particularly important. Therefore, Zhonglan Industry has compiled precautions regarding the use of glyoxal, including risk review, first aid methods, fire protection methods, leak emergency treatment, use and [...]

Introduction of ferulic acid identification method and detection analysis method

Zhonglan industry now sells 99% ferulic acid powder chemical raw materials. Here are some methods and methods for identifying ferulic acid. I hope to help you identify high-quality ferulic acid. Identification method 1. Development agent: Benzene-ethyl acetate-formic acid (8:2:0.2) Thin layer plate: silica gel GF254, color development conditions: ultraviolet light (254 nm), preparation of reference [...]

Precautions for storage and use of pyruvic aldehyde

Pyruvic aldehyde has certain harm to the human body, so there should be many aspects in the storage and use of pyruvic aldehyde. Basic effects of pyruvic aldehyde on the human body Pyruvic aldehyde can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin. The skin absorbs slowly and is small, mainly in the [...]

How to avoid lactic acid accumulation in the human body

I believe that almost everyone has experienced the accumulation of lactic acid. For example, if you don't like sports, you will suddenly be forced to do a lot of exercises one day. The result is getting up the next day, your body is sore, no strength and so on. At this time you may ask, [...]

9 important benefits of Glutathione for your body – Zhonglan Industry

There is an important substance in the human body, Glutathione, which has many benefits for the human body. If you have some illness or other symptoms in your body, you can read this article. It may help you find the reason. The benefits of glutathione include the following: 1. Glutathione can strengthen the immune system [...]

Menthol benefits and side effects – Zhonglan Industry

Menthol is a chemical that can be found everywhere in life. It is stored in various products in daily life. For example, Toothpaste, perfume, drink, candy, essence, cosmetics, medicine and more. But Do you know menthol benefits and side effects? Let's start! Menthol benefits Menthol (flammable substance, smokeless when burned, difficult to dissolve in water) is [...]

Phenoxyethanol application checklist (2019 latest) ZhongLan

Phenoxyethanol, other name ethelene glycol monophenyl ether, abbreviation EPH. EPH is a high-efficiency filming aid with a film-forming efficiency that reaches the levels of cDOWANOL PPH (propylene glycol phenyl ether) and TEXANOL® (alcohol-12). Because of its perfect comprehensive characteristics, it was widely adopted by many companies in Europe and America as early as the 1970s. [...]

Amazing truth: Does hand sanitizer containing TRICLOSAN cause cancer?

Hand washing liquid contains harmful chemicals, such as triclosan, which can damage the thyroid and even cause cancer! So whether hand sanitizer containing triclosan can cause cancer is a question. At present, non-alcoholic hand sanitizers on the market mainly contain triclosan, which is a spectral bactericide. However, triclosan has no high efficiency in protection, such [...]

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