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Phenoxyethanol application checklist (2019 latest) ZhongLan

Phenoxyethanol, other name ethelene glycol monophenyl ether, abbreviation EPH. EPH is a high-efficiency filming aid with a film-forming efficiency that reaches the levels of cDOWANOL PPH (propylene glycol phenyl ether) and TEXANOL® (alcohol-12). Because of its perfect comprehensive characteristics, it was widely adopted by many companies in Europe and America as early as the 1970s. [...]

Amazing truth: Does hand sanitizer containing TRICLOSAN cause cancer?

Hand washing liquid contains harmful chemicals, such as triclosan, which can damage the thyroid and even cause cancer! So whether hand sanitizer containing triclosan can cause cancer is a question. At present, non-alcoholic hand sanitizers on the market mainly contain triclosan, which is a spectral bactericide. However, triclosan has no high efficiency in protection, such [...]

How to distinguish the true and false of hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is an important beauty product. The authenticity of its products has attracted the attention of many people. Through this article, I hope to help you understand how to distinguish the true and false products of hyaluronic acid products. In addition to repairing the skin, hydrating the skin, locking the moisture of the skin, [...]

Production method and use of glycerol ( glycerine CAS 56-81-5 ) – ZHONGLAN

Glycerol is colorless, odorless, sweet, and has a clear, viscous liquid appearance. It is an organic substance. Commonly known as glycerin. The industrial production methods of glycerin can be divided into two major categories: a method using natural oils and fats as a raw material, glycerin obtained as natural glycerin, and a synthetic method using [...]

Dichlorophenylphosphine (CAS# 644-97-3) description and application – HAIHANG

Dichlorophenylphosphine description Dichlorophenylphosphine, abbreviated as BPD, DCPP, also known as phosphine dichloride benzene, phenyl dichlorophosphine, dichlorophenyl phosphine, phenyl diphosphine phosphide (DCPP), dichlorophenylphosphine, colorless to room temperature Light yellow transparent liquid, with unpleasant odor, inhalation can cause a headache and nausea; easily soluble in organic solvents, easy to absorb moisture, react with water vapor in the [...]

Six synthetic methods for glycolic acid, including purification methods – Zhonglan

Glycolic acid is an important organic synthesis intermediate and chemical product, and its application range is wide. In recent years, because L-toxic acid can be used in many fields such as medical engineering materials and polymer degradation materials, the demand for B-drug is increasing year by year. This paper mainly reviews the synthesis and purification [...]

how to make citric acid: Fermentation method

Natural citric acid is widely distributed in nature. Natural citric acid is found in the bones, muscles, and blood of fruits such as lemons, citrus, pineapples, and animals. Synthetic citric acid is produced by fermentation of sugary substances such as sugar, molasses, starch, grapes, etc., and can be divided into anhydrous and hydrated. Pure citric [...]

Application of TRICLOCARBAN (TCC)

WHAT IS TRICLOCARBAN? TRICLOCARBAN TCC is a highly effective, broad-spectrum antibacterial agent with sustained, safe and stable sterilization characteristics and excellent compatibility with the skin It also has highly effective inhibitive effects on Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative, fungi, yeasts and viruses. Application of triclocarban TRICHLOROCARBAN (TCC) is added to washing powder to kill germs on clothes [...]

Application of Sodium gluconate | Zhonglan – China top chemicals manufacturer

Sodium gluconate has a wide range of industrial uses. It can be used as a highly effective chelating agent in construction, textile dyeing, metal surface treatment and water treatment, cleaning agent for steel surface, bottle cleaning agent, etc. Electroplating industry aluminum oxide coloring, in the concrete industry used as a high-efficiency retarder, such as efficient water reducer.

Lactic acid | CAS No.: 50-21-5 – Zhonglan

Lactic acid (IUPAC scientific name: 2-hydroxypropionic acid) is a compound that functions in a variety of biochemical processes. It is a carboxylic acid with a molecular formula of C3H6O3. It is a carboxylic acid containing a hydroxyl group and is therefore an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). In the aqueous solution, its carboxyl group releases a proton [...]

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