Project Description

Mr. Lattu and Mr. Laitinen came to visit our company from Finland On May 16, 2017. Their company is a listed company, mainly to help customers study new products, they have a big demand for Glycolic Acid. Zhonglan Industry is a professional manufacturer of Glycolic Acid, the annual capacity is 10,000 tons.

Finnish customers visited our company

The customer has been in contact since 2013 and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with us. And due to their company’s new research in 2017, the demand for Glycolic Acid is also greatly increased, so they hope to visit our company and talk more details of our cooperation. Because the customer’s tight schedule, they did not go to our factory and just visit our office this time. But customers will come back to visit our factory at the end of the year.

We show customers the PPT about our company profile and Glycolic Acid product. They visit our office area, and further agree on the later cooperation plan. Customers  think highly of our company, and said our company supply high quality products with good service. We’ll continue long-term cooperation, and signed an order on the spot.