Project Description

Our Indian customer Rajesh,who works for India’s leading EDTA water-soluble fertilizer production company, visited our company on January 22, 2017. Their annual production reached 2000 tons, accounting for more than 40% of the Indian market share. EDTA ACID is the main raw material for the production of EDTA micro-fertilizer, and Zhonglan Industry is the world’s second largest manufacturer of EDTA chelating agents, our annual output of EDTA chelating agents reached 26,000 tons.

Indian customer visited zhonglan industry

We have sent sample to Rajesh in October of 2016, as the test is very strict, they didn’t complete the test until mid-January 2017. Customers are very satisfied with the test results, they want to visit our factory immediately. We originally planned to invite customers to visit the factory after the Lunar New Year, as there is less than a week is the Chinese New Year. But the customer said the sample has been tested and qualified, they hope that we can cooperate as soon as possible, so that we can immediately order the operation after Chinese New Year.

Rajesh visited the production line of EDTA chelating agents, he is a professional procurement staff, familiar with the company production, testing and packaging, and other aspects. Rajesh gave us a high rating after his visiting. Then Rajesh and our manager agreed on the details of the order, and the first trial orders will be carried out immediately after Chinese New Year.