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Ferric phosphate CAS 10045-86-0

Content(as Fe): 24.0-26.0
Appearance: Yellow-white powder
Capacity: 15000tons/year
Packaging: 25KG/BAG
Sample: available


Ferric phosphate

Ferric phosphate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Ferric phosphate

CAS No.: 10045-86-0

Molecular Formula: FeO4P

Molecular weight: 150.82

Appearance: Yellow-white powder

Ferric phosphate Typical Properties

Index GB1903.16-2016
Appearance Yellow-white powder
Content(as Fe) % 24.0-26.0
Loss on ignition %≤ 20.0
Chloride(as Cl)   %≤ 3.55
Arsenic (as As)  mg/kg≤ 3
Lead (as Pb)        mg/kg≤ 4
Mercury (as Hg) mg/kg≤ 3

 Ferric phosphate Usage

1. Food grade: As iron nutritional supplement, it is widely used in egg products, rice products and paste products, etc.

2. Ceramic grade: As raw materials of ceramic metal glaze, black glaze, antique glaze, etc.

3. Electronic/battery grade: It is used in the manufacture of cathode material of Lithium iron phosphate battery and electro-optic material, etc.

What is the difference between Ferric phosphate and ferrous oxalate?
Ferric phosphate
1. Appearance: light yellow or light yellowish white powder. The solid density is 0.65~0.85; it is soluble in sulfuric acid when heated, hardly soluble in other acids, and insoluble in water, acetic acid and alcohol. It exists in the form of a blue iron ore in nature. It is mostly obtained by the action of ferrous salt solution and sodium phosphate.
2. Technical specifications: Battery grade phosphorus iron technical standard Fe3+≥29.1% Mg2+≤50ppm Na+≤50ppm K+≤50ppm Cu2+≤10ppm Cr3+≤10ppm Pb2+≤15ppm Iron-phosphorus ratio=0.97~1.02 The above is the special specification for the production of lithium iron phosphate battery material. . It can also be used as a catalyst and in the manufacture of ceramics.
3. Packing: 25KG/bag. The outer bag is a paper-plastic composite bag lined with a high-pressure polyethylene film.
4. Uses: Mainly used in the manufacture of lithium iron phosphate battery materials.

Ferrous oxalate
1. Appearance: Light yellow crystalline powder, slightly slightly irritating. The melting point was 160 ° C (decomposition), the tap density was 1.25 g/cm 3 , and the bulk density was 0.8 g/cm 3 . The crystal water was lost at 142 ° C under vacuum. It is dissolved in cold water by 0.22g/100g and in hot water by 0.026g/100g, which can be dissolved in cold salt solution.
2. Technical Specifications: Ferrous oxalate (battery grade) Main content >99% Effective metal content>=98% Chloride<=0.005% Sulfate<=0.05% High iron<=0.4% Heavy metal<=0.01% D50:3- 5μm SEM electron microscope spherical.
3. Uses: Used as a photographic developer for the pharmaceutical industry. Battery-grade ferrous oxalate can be used as a raw material for lithium iron phosphate in the battery cathode material. The electric vehicle used in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is a lithium iron phosphate cathode material.

Ferric phosphate Packaging and Shipping


The packing also can be according the customers` requirement

Ferric phosphate Storage

Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.

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