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Glycolic Acid 70 % CAS 79-14-1

Assay: 70%
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Capacity: 10000MT/Year
Packaging: 25kg/Drum,1250kg/Ibc drum, 23-25MT/Tank
Sample: available

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Glycolic Acid 70 %

Quick Details

Chemcial name: Glycolic acid
CAS NO.: 79-14-1
EINECS: 201-180-5
Molecular Fomula: C2H4O3
Structural formula:

Molecular Weight: M=76.05
Other name: alpha-Hydroxyacetic acid

Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Purity 70%min
Chloride(Cl) 3% max
Iron(Fe) 20ppm max
Heavy Metal 20ppm max


Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid
Purity 70%min
Chloride(Cl) 10ppm max
Iron(Fe) 10ppm max
Heavy metal 10ppm max


Glycolic acid is used to smooth wrinkles, fade hyperpigmentation and sun damage, and generally improve the tone and texture of the skin. As such, it is often used in anti-aging products.
Glycolic acid, because of the small size of its molecules, can easily penetrate the skin. It helps loosen the bonds that hold skin cells together, allowing dead skin cells to slough off more effectively. The skin feels softer and smoother, and its overall appearance is enhanced.
Glycolic 70% liquid is also well used on circuit board cleaning, boiler cleaning, bathroom and tiles cleaning, drain cleaning and stainless steel cleaning, textile dyeing and finishing, leather dyeing and tanning, polymer production for medical sutures.

Shelf life
12 months from date of manufacture in original unopened packaging stored in a cool
dry place out of direct sunlight.

250kg/drum, 1250kg/IBC drum

Delivery as Dangerous 8 product


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